Sampling Spare Part Sales

NO. Picture P/N Description(설명) Remark(참조)
1 Spare_img01 S1210941 Kit, All 01210 Gfx Scrubbers Gfx Cell 내부의 간섭되는 가스를 제거함.
2 Spare_img01 S4100902 4100/99 Heater Plate Spare Paramagnetic Cell의 온도를 조절함.
3 Spare_img01 S4400963 Oxygen trap 48" Chroma This O2 trap is to remove excess O2 in the sample from going into the detector.
4 Spare_img01 02005001A SERVOPRO PureGas Gas Purifier The purifier is designed for the purification of carrier gases used in gas chromatography(GC). Outlet impurity levels for H2,O2,H2O,CO,CO2,CH4(and N2 in noble gases) are reduced to low parts per billion (ppb) levels.
5 Spare_img01 S4450980 SERVOPRO Chroma Pressure Reg, Spare SERVOPRO Chroma Pressure Reg, Spare